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We are the strongest OEM nail manufacturer in China.  Our customer base is some of the most recognizable brands in the market.  We currently account for about 75% on all branded press on nail production.  Working with these brands allow us to create new manufacturing technique and define the trends.  We have the most updated nail shape and finishing on the market. 


Please let me know your order QTY, accessories included (glue, nail file, etc.), and your packaging request.  When we have more information, our team will be able to assist you further.  Please send an email along with all the information to one of our team or at and further assistance.

Our general MOQ is 5000 per style, the price depends on style, QTY, packaging, and total QTY.  However, the price should start around 1.30 USD in our normal MOQ and MOV.  Although our inventory styles may not cover every style but you may consider this if our MOQ is too much for you.  please send an email to one of our team or to for available styles.

Yes, we do have catalogue but given the dynamic of the market and the ever-changing styles, the most updated styles are not on the website or on our catalogue.  We will address your question individually and we are more than happy to discuss it with you and provide you with the style that you need. 

Throughout the years, we have helped numerous entrepreneurs and startup businesses to start their dream.  We can advise on market information, suggestions, and comment based on your needs.

In hindsight, we will need to understand your brand, distribution channel, market position, demographic, and other company information.  This information allows us to give you specific information on how we can help you.

Once we determine your brand image, we can guide you through step by step the whole process to build your product range, sample process, production, compliance, and logistics.

We have worked with numerous retailers around the world.  We do meet most of requirements around the world.  We not only have FDA and GMP certificates.  We also focused on ethical and technical aspects of all audits.  We are also a cruelty-free company.  Our product is also vegan.  However, if you have any special requirements, please let us know.


More Questions?

We can offer both glue and adhesive tabs (double-sided tape).  Our adhesive meets all FDA and EU standards.  We can provide all relevant information including testing report and formulation upon request.

Our glue is an in-house formulation.  All glue has been tested to meet all FDA and EU regulations.  The viscosity of our glue is higher than most glue on the market.  There is a 2- to 3-second delay for the glue to start drying.  This means that the if the position is not correct, the user is able to adjust the position of the nail.  Once your glue is dry, it will easily last for 10 -14 days.  During that time, you may go on with your everyday life (wash your hand, dishes, hair, etc.)

Yes, we can send samples.  For those styles that we have in our inventory, we are happy to send them to you at no cost.  However, you will need to bare your own courier fees.  For those customized samples, we will need to charge a fee for style plus shipping.

The cost will cover the sample, shipping, printing screens, and other related cost.  You may review the sample from a picture before we sent it to you.  If we make a mistake on the sample, we will resample it again.  However, if you wish to update the design, we might have to charge you again.

Yes, we can do customize design.  One of our strength is turning a designer’s design at a mass production level.  If you have a designer that work with you, you may send us your design.  If you don’t, just snap a screen shot of the nail that you like, and we will give comment and make suggestion before we proceed to sample.  We operate our own printing facility, which means that we can put your logo on your desire packaging.

This is a very good question.  This all depend of what countries you are selling to.  Regardless if the country considers press on nail as a cosmetic product or not, it is apparent that the nail glue will consider as a cosmetic item and therefore all testing will follow the cosmetic protocol.  This will include ingredients list (chemical restriction), heavy metal testing (both product and container), micro bio testing, CPSR for EU and TRA for US.  Furthermore, there are more declaration you will need to meet all regulation.  We can provide full Product Information File upon request.

A vac tray is a plastic tray that is needed to house the nail inside the packaging.  The main purpose of the tray is to make sure the nails are not damaged inside the box during transit and at the point of sale.  Since customers/brands have unique ideas about the packaging so, therefore, you might need to open a new molding to create the specific tray for the brand.  Each layer will cost a one-time 130 USD to create a molding.  If you have any specific requirements, please feel free to let me know.

The glue will last more than 1 year before it is open.  After it opens, it will last about 3 months.  You will start noticing the glue start dry after 3 months.

In general, the glue is still good to use when it is not dry.  To test if the glue is dry, press on the glue tube, if it is soft, it means the glue is still good to use.  On the other hand, if the tube is hard, it means that the glue is dry up.  You will need to replace the glue.

We only have one quality of plastic, ABS.  However, you might feel there are different thicknesses of nails with different styles because different finishing will a slight effect on the thickness of the nail.  The base nails are the same.

If your bed nail turns green, it means that there are bacteria growing onto your nail.  This is cause by dirt and other bacteria inside air bubble on the glue.  To prevent this, please clean your finger will alcohol wipes, nail polish remover or warm soap water to remove all the dirt and oil from your finger.  Make sure there is no air bubble when you apply your product onto your natural nail by pressing the nail from the cuticle to the tip.  This will prevent any air bubble developing between the nails.

You may put a small amount of nail polish remover between the false nail and your natural nail to dissolve the glue.  Wait for about 3 to 5 mins.  Once you feel the false nail is loosened, you may gently pull off your false nail.  DO NOT PULL OFF YOUR PRESS-ON NAIL WITH FORCE.  YOU MIGHT PULL YOUR NATURAL NAIL OFF. 

If there are any defective items, please let us know ASAP.  We have a well-documented standard operating procedure to find the roots cause of the problem.  Then a corrective action plan is written and evaluate a solution.  Since each customer/brand have quality standard, we will document it in the customer profile to prevent future occurrence.

Currently our factory is not able to do any drop shipping.

If you want a specific shape of nail, you will require your own nail molding.  This allows you to have specific requests based on shape, size, thickness, etc.  The procedure starts with you giving us an idea of what the shape will be.  This information can submit by a simple drawing or picture.  We will then discuss with you if there are any special requests that you need.  Once we have this information, we will first create a CAD design and then create a 3D printing model to confirm.  When everything is confirmed we can start the molding process.  The molding process alone will take about 40 days.  The price for a new molding is about 3500 USD.

When you receive a customer complaint, please let us know ASAP.  We can guide you on how to respond to the customer.  We can quickly identify the root cause and if it is usually a factory defect or a customer’s lack of product knowledge.  In our experience, 95% of all customer complaints are customers misused or they didn’t follow the instruction.  Therefore, please let me know the complaint ASAP and we will handle it properly.

We currently don’t offer any term to our customer. Senboma rarely have any delay in production because we buy all materials in Cash and therefore, we receive great support from our raw material supplier.  We get priority on all materials, and they get deliver on time because we pay COD or pre-paid on those that are on high demand.  That is why we would ask our customer to offer the same support and therefore won’t be able to offer terms to our customer which would put us in a cash flow issue.

Your IP is always protected.  Our company has well document procedure to protect our customer’s IPs.  This includes design, sales data, nail molding, packaging, etc.  All your information will only be available to a small number of people.  This personnel will only include your sales associates, directors, and upper management.  All other staff will have no access to the design/information against your company/brand.  Rest assured your information is in good hands.

First, the white powder didn’t affect the performance of the glue.  The white powder is a chemical reaction when the glue reacts with air.  This is cause by small amount of chemical evaporating from the glue bottle.  During this process, the chemical contacts with the moisture in the air, the byproduct is the white powder.  To solve this issue, we will need to create a hole on the packaging so that the white powder can be carry out of the box naturally by air.

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